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I created a dA account to share the drawings of my star cluster of Telemon and alternate Earth conworld Half Earth, but I have never described what is in there.

In this entry, the physics of the Half Earth universe will be described.
The goals of designing Half Earth physics are:
- Allows both magic and science to be rigorously defined with made-up science
- Allows magic and reincarnation to exist (the fantasy part), and elegantly explain what types of magic are possible
- Takes the place of made-up physics in Gundam and Star Trek (the science fiction part)
- Explains time travel and deals with paradoxes
- Explains why everyday human experience is same
- Diverges from real world when dealing with situations outside of common sense
- Science fantasy is not mashing all sci-fi and fantasy things together (like in Dragon Ball). It is using made-up science (fantastic science) and rigorously defined fantasy (scientific fantasy)
- To address the issue that conphysics is not covered extensively in conworlding tutorials (

Principle of Least Action
- There are 2 dimensions of time and 3 dimensions of space. One dimension of time is part of space and another dimension is independent. In other words: 1 dimension of time, 4 dimensions of space,  but people perceive 3 dimensions of space and 1 dimension of time
- Vectors like position and velocity are four-dimensional.
- Particles are actually open or closed worldlines (the existence of open/closed worldlines is still being decided) in the spacetime. They are seen as particles because reality is a three-dimensional cross section moving across time.
- There is a property called density in each given point of the worldline. Lower density means higher speed (density = speed⁻). Think of the spacing of dots in a ticker tape.
- There are two ways to locate a point of the worldline: length or parameter. Length is simply the arc length from the beginning the worldline, while parameter compensates for density. (for example, line A has uniform density of 0.5 and B has uniform density of 1. A(parameter=10) leads to length=20 and B(parameter=10) leads to length=10)
- There is a dimension of time called metatime. Throughout the metatime, the worldlines continuously deform to approach the paths of least action. (…). (like in this applet, except in 4 dimensions…)
- The worldlines are continuously deforming. There may be moments where things are not taking the path of least action, and sometimes, the worldlines may be deforming forever, never finding paths of least action. Think of the universe as a machine solving optimization problems over the metatime. This explains consciousness, magic and time travel.
- There is another way to see density. A less dense region can be seen as a stretched rubber band, and the "rubber band" will bounce back as metatime progresses. Generally, a path of least action has higher density than any other suboptimal paths. In a space without any potential gradient, the path that maximizes the density is the shortest path, therefore the straight, constant-4-velocity path.

Time, Consciousness and Space
- In the beginning, there is the Big Bang. It spreads particles over four dimensions.
- The universe as a whole looks like radiating lines, but when zoomed in, it looks like a set of parallel lines. When zoomed in "too closely", all world lines appear to be parallel and have constant density.
- The parallel worldlines and constant densities means all particles there share the same component of velocity, and that component of velocity is the speed of time.
- The planet Half Earth takes in the part of universe zoomed in "too closely", therefore,  the speed of time is constant, therefore, people see the reality with one dimension of time.
- The universe assumes consciousness is separate from bodies. Conscious beings are particles or a set of particles traveling through four dimensions. They perceive reality as three-dimensional cross-sections of the universe.
- Flow of time is a vector in four dimensions pointing to the next cross-section of reality. When the arrow of time is rotated 90 degrees, one can see high-velocity particles passing by in space. (no diagram to explain...). Note this property only makes sense to spirits, since they see 3D cross-sections of realities by moving in 4D. Other particles do not "sense" flow of time therefore this property do not apply to them.
- Because mind is separated from bodies, reincarnation exists in the universe and reincarnation can be time travel.
- A spirit is an entity that can deform worldlines in the microscopic scale. A spirit contains no memory and has no senses. A body is simply a series of complex circuits that amplifies the microscopic fluctuations. Without a body, a spirit is an invisible entity that can only fluctuate particles in the microscopic scale. When a spirit enters an organic (human, animal) or synthetic (AI) body, it takes it over and makes the body alive. Memories are never destroyed after death, but having a spirit hooked to a brain suppresses the spirit's past memory.
- A spirit can control special particles, their symbols are u, v, w.
- A spirit advances in the 4th dimension and metatime, because these two variables correlate with each other in normal circumstances, one variable can be eliminated, therefore there is only one dimension of time in everyday life.
- Time travel paradox results in things not following paths of least action macroscopically, while free will causes things not following paths of least action microscopically.

Other Features
- Inverse cube gravity and electromagnetism (…). I think they are going to work by dispersing a flux of particles.
- Gravity and EM forces exist across four dimensions: you can be gravitated by the objects in the past. (… I made this troll science years ago)
- Newton's Laws apply in four dimensions
- Electromagnetism with three types of charges: R, G, B with magnetic forces and monopoles for each of them. When the charges are transformed by a rotational matrix, the forces stay the same, so RGB are arbitary designations made by humans
- Light is exclusively a particle, there are three types of photons: red, green, blue
- The Half Earth counterpartS of ionization radiation and even Minovsky Particle exist
- No relativity and quantum mechanics (using outdated physics because fantasy tend to like outdated stuff)

Next time: Half Earth Magic, Introduction to the Telemon Universe
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electric-cloudsXIV Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Is this all made-up by you? :iconcuriosityplz:
HalfEarth Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
EmperorZelos Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2013
interesting but inverse cube law? wouldn't that make it very hard for gravity to work?
HalfEarth Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Physical constants and planetary structure will make sure it works, but space travel will be much more different
EmperorZelos Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2013
Constants won't really help when it decreases with such speed. But very well
Nyaruko-San Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
really detailed info... :D
I hope you can get what you want...
i can only give you my support :D
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