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Half Earth: Meet Kiyomi by HalfEarth Half Earth: Meet Kiyomi by HalfEarth
This is the contest entry for The G.A.M.E.
Game: Half Earth
Genre: Visual novel, JRPG; Science fantasy, Wuxia
Half Earth is the name of the planet in a fantasy universe distinct and inaccessible from our own universe. The name Half Earth came from several legends.

Half Earth has fallen into the "Age of Empires". After many wars, the world was assimilated into three empires: Mari, the land of technology; Jali, the land of magic and Zhaodi, the land of martial arts.

You are a prince in a nation along the west coast of Jali. You were studying magic in a seaside fortress. Suddenly, Marian airships descended from the clouds and began to raid the fortress. You were evacuated, and you and the king tried to clear up the situation: Mari have developed new technologies and is planning to wage a war. To win the war, Jali must ally with Zhaodi. To make that possible, you must deliver a sword to the emperor of Zhaodi. Thus your journey to the east begins.

You traveled through the nations of Jali, recruited new people and saw the picture of the internal politics. Then in Zhaodi, you met the emperor, and brushed with the jianghu. The jianghu asked you to recruit a princess in Hyakuwa no Kuni: Kiyomi. Hyakuwa is a nation absorbed by the Zhaodi, and most of their people, and especially the remains of the royal family, are still bitter about the current situation. The jianghu tells you that Mari was trying to take Hyakuwa from Zhaodi by arranging a marriage between Kiyomi and a Marian politician. The deeper reason is that Kiyomi is an outlier: She can master technology, magic and martial arts. Your mission is to stop the arranged marriage and recruit her.

I am building the world top-down so I can tell you the impression of the world. Half Earth can be described as Dragon Ball meets Discworld with a dash of 1984. I liked how Dragon Ball created an Earth with alternate geography populated with fantasy counterpart cultures. I used the 1984 way to paint the geopolitical landscape of Half Earth. The magic system in Half Earth follows the premise of "there is a unit of measurement for magic", which also appeared in Discworld. I am currently focusing on the abstract part of Half Earth: the laws of physics ([link]), the periodic table and chemical bonding theories. Physics, chemistry and magic will be described in detail throughout the story, complete with formulas from basic multiplication to vector calculus. I only have a checklist of what cultures and languages to be created.

As a game, Half Earth is only in my long-range vision (2015+). I am too focused on Telemon right now. Half Earth is a visual novel with a JRPG combat system. The protagonist is not faceless and nameless, and you got to choose how you fight the war and who to trust on the way. Combats happen on a grid, and it is more complicated than other combat systems due to the energy system, counterattacks, continuous attacks and synchronized attacks.
KeraDavis98 Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2013  Student General Artist
Great job with shading and perspective :D
GoheX Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Nice colour scheme, shading is well done too. Nice work.
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